Practical tips for building profitable and effective applications (Part 1)


Currently, there are over 3 million applications in the Play Store and over 2 million in the App Store. Studies show that on average, a person has 80 applications downloaded on their device. However, only 30 of those applications are frequently used. That’s why earning a spot on people’s phones is challenging, and getting them to use your application frequently is a true challenge. Therefore, the following are a series of practical tips aimed at maximizing the chances of success for applications created by Colombian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Identify a problem and solve it efficiently.

Start by identifying a market niche and seek to understand and deeply study that defined group of people. Then, identify a specific need or problem within that market niche. This will allow you to define a clear scope and purpose for your app. In the case of business applications, the purpose is generally to expand the reach of the products or services offered by the company to its customers, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. However, it is also important to maintain focus and delimit the scope of your app for this type of application. It is advisable to optimize resources by investing energy, time, and money in developing only the essential functionalities of the application. At this point, secondary functionalities are unnecessary, as they will have little use and end up being a distraction that negatively affects the quality of how you solve the main prob

Design, prototype, and learn.

Start with wireframes to plan the app’s structure. At this stage, you don’t need to go into too much detail; it’s about the general flow of the application. Make sure to design an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It’s not enough to have the willingness and make a conscious effort to design a pleasant user experience; build a prototype that potential users can interact with and test it with them. Analyze these experiments carefully, identify functionalities in the app flow where users are experiencing difficulties, and work on simplifying those functionalities further.

By: Felipe Ascencio

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