Technology as a means of learning.


The role of the New Information Technology in the social and cultural changes we experience today is of great importance, particularly in the field of education.

According to Edith Litwin (1995), certain conceptions about changes in educational systems in some countries attribute a decisive action to the incorporation of these resources in improving the quality of the teaching and learning process.

Information technologies are used in the pedagogical field with the mission of rationalizing educational processes and improving the outcomes of the school system.

By implementing new models of learning through technology in education, creativity is promoted, creating more interactive educational environments.

Thus, new technologies pose a new challenge to the educational system, transitioning from a unidirectional model of education to a new spatial-temporal perspective.

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How to incorporate technology into educational methods?

The implementation of learning and teaching processes is rewarded to strengthen the different services used in education. Therefore, technology cannot have an effect on learning without a theoretical and methodological approach that aids in the teaching process.

Educational technology is utilized in the learning and teaching processes, driving changes that address the current issues in the country’s education system.

As a result, educational technology simplifies the comprehension of program content by illustrating topics with interactive or static images. It also makes use of electronic presentations that help motivate students to become autonomous and construct their knowledge.

In conclusion, the significant assistance provided by technology in education enhances the quality of the education process by transcending the barriers of time and space, enabling greater interaction and communication between teachers and students. This is achieved through the use of various sources of information, fostering active engagement in knowledge construction. As a result, individuals undergo a process where they develop a range of skills that enhance their educational performance.

Por: Bryan Sandoval

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