What is React Native and what is it used for?


React, ReactJS, or React.js is a powerful tool provided by the Facebook development team, along with contributions from individuals in the OpenSource community. It allows us to create graphical interfaces in a simple, intuitive, scalable, and powerful manner.

Taking into account the fact that several technology companies are using or migrating their interfaces to this tool, we can find WhatsApp, Discord, Netflix, Instagram, and Airbnb among them.

This tells us a lot about a technology that has been developed and improved year after year to bring us the latest innovations that we can find in other tools such as Angular, Svelte, and Vue (taking into account that the latter is based on a philosophy that combines the best of Angular and React).

Among these improvements and innovations, we can find component-based development, hooks, states, and a library that has saved the lives of many businesses and companies to improve scalability, the well-known Redux.

By: Alejandro Atuesta

Does all of the above make me wonder, is React considered a Framework?

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