Advantages you can have with your own mobile application


Who needs an application?

Projects where their nature and interaction should be solely and exclusively through applications or web apps.

If you already have a consolidated dynamic with your clients through traditional digital channels, where you benefit but also face issues because “the app or service is not designed for your company’s needs,” it is a good time to consider investing in developing your own web app or mobile application.

Let’s develop an app!

We find ourselves once again in a dilemma, what should we invest in: an app or a web application? Well, in reality, there is another dilemma: Android or iOS. Will I have to invest in two applications?

Currently, there are different ways to develop applications, and although native development is often suggested over other approaches, the truth is that there are very good alternatives to native development that can sometimes be better than developing natively. These alternatives are commonly referred to as cross-platform development.

The philosophy behind cross-platform development is to develop once for multiple platforms, although it’s not entirely true. However, it does have its benefits, such as working with a few programming languages in the project, which requires a more focused approach and can result in shorter development times and personnel requirements.

By: Daniel Bueno

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