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Currently, we cannot imagine the world without technology, as it has become an important tool for the development of human life, as it offers a series of advantages and disadvantages that directly affect daily activities.

Castells mentions that the strategy is aimed at changing the world through technology and, in return, receiving a benefit either in the form of power or money through financial markets, which enabled the massification of information.

“If societies embrace computer technology with the necessary care, its presence can result in a liberating revolution; if they do so carelessly, it can degenerate into an extraordinarily destructive revolution.”

(Castells, 2000:44)

When it comes to power, nothing is more transformative than technology. We are confident that there are always more and better opportunities for growth.

Processes become more efficient and enhance the quality of life for human beings, as activities are carried out more easily through the implementation and immersion in the digital world.

Therefore, if you have an idea for your business and want to turn it into reality, we can help you develop it through the power of technology. We tailor your ideas according to your needs, provide guidance on the business model, and become your technological ally. At Kloustr Labs, we will make your project come true!

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By: Julieth Jojoa

Castells, Manuel (2000) “Globalization, Society, and Politics in the Information Age” Page 44

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