Monetization in the technology sector


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Monetization model and performance indicators.

Choose a monetization model that best suits your type of application.

On one hand, your application could be paid, or certain features could be paid, but you could also opt for a subscription model.

Offering a free trial period is always an effective strategy to entice potential users with the benefits your application offers.

In the case of a business app, it is crucial to clearly identify how the app reduces costs or increases revenues, thereby enhancing the company’s profitability.

In general, there are many ways to monetize, and selecting the most appropriate strategies may require several iterations before making the most suitable decision.

However, regardless of the nature of the application you are building, it is always essential to define performance indicators for your platform.

Implement systems that allow you to accurately measure the most relevant indicators of your application and make timely decisions to accelerate its growth.


A study conducted by the Chilean consulting firm Virtus, titled “Digital Maturity Index 2021,” found that nearly 80% of companies acknowledged the need for a digital transformation process due to the pandemic.

However, over 50% of companies stated that they were in the early stages of this process.

This is why it is a very opportune moment to invest in innovative ideas and strive to build disruptive products with a global impact.

At Kloustr Labs, we firmly believe in the vision that world-changing applications can also be developed in Colombia.

By: Kloustr Labs

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