Redux as a development pattern.


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The development of technology in the areas of web and mobile services has gained great momentum over the years, and we have witnessed how mobile applications are becoming increasingly necessary in every aspect of our lives, as well as services on web pages.

This continuous development over time has also led to improvements in the way these technologies are developed, which is why we will talk about Redux as one of them.

Redux was primarily created based on a design pattern called FLUX, which was used by Facebook around 2015. This pattern was based on the use of data within an application and how it is managed and stored within the application.

Dan Abramov and Andrew Clark were the individuals responsible for laying the foundations of the Redux library and the concept that the design pattern could achieve. They analyzed a way in which application information could be stored globally and accessed globally. Therefore, they implemented a library with a system based on Actions, Dispatchers, Reducers, Store, and Types, which originated from the Flux pattern.

System execution

In that line of thought, there are components in our applications that perform or execute changes in our variables according to a purpose.

The execution of these changes is done through Dispatchers, which, as the name suggests, dispatch something that the component is going to change.

Actions are the way to take the new information from the dispatcher and send it to the Store according to the action type. They contain the new information or state to be managed in the store.

However, reducers receive the information from the actions, as they describe how that information changed in the store, thus updating the store’s state.

Therefore, we observe that, in conclusion, this system allows us to structure the way we can query and manage the states of our application through a closed system.

By: Daniel Alejandro Castañeda

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