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In Colombia, the economic situation has been greatly affected by the arrival of the pandemic. Many businesses, both large and small, have seen a decrease in sales, loss of customers, or, in the worst cases, have closed their doors.

However, entrepreneurship has transcended in society as it is seen as an opportunity for growth. Millions of people have set out to break paradigms and achieve business objectives with the help of technology like never before.

Tips for Entrepreneurship

To start a business, you should always be in search of ideas to solidify a profitable project. You need to identify a problem or need, understand your market by exploring what they like or how you could address their issues, and propose solutions that provide value. Finally, leave a mark with your brand and its essence.

Currently, for any entrepreneur, initiative and the power of ideas are essential. Persistence in moving forward and passion for creating something new have been the first steps to make a difference.

In addition to the above, the presence of a significant partner can be added, along with the implementation of communication and information technologies, which are vital in every sense. These technologies allow us to identify and reach our target audience, understand their needs and challenges, and offer solutions to address each aspect. This creates an ecosystem that helps achieve the set goals of your business.

By: Julieth Jojoa

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