Tips for choosing the right technologies for your project


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Choose the appropriate technologies.

Although it may seem like a decision that only falls under the responsibility of your development team, it is a crucial decision that has a considerable impact on the business model and, above all, on development costs. I highly recommend choosing a technology that allows you to use a single codebase for the two most relevant operating systems, Android and iOS. React Native or Flutter are the technologies that will help you reduce time and costs associated with the development of your application. There are very few cases where it is preferable to develop the application natively for each operating system, as cross-platform technologies currently have very few limitations in accessing certain hardware components of devices such as Bluetooth, GPS, or the camera.

Choose a development team that becomes your ally.

You need much more than a development team with sufficient technical skills that simply builds what you ask for. Your development team should understand your needs and align with your goals, taking on the role of a consultant who makes suggestions based on their experience. They support you by making technical decisions that allow you to optimize your resources and progress more efficiently, aiming to build the version you need to launch your application as quickly as possible. The development team is not just a provider; they are a technological ally to your business model who will accompany you throughout the entire process and evolution.

Tune in with your development team.

Establish clear and fluid communication with the development team. It is a common mistake to assume that the developer has complete clarity about the requirements of the application, such as its desired appearance, how each functionality should behave, and the logical consequences of such functionality on the overall system. One particularly effective strategy to deal with this situation is the construction of diagrams with the participation of the entire team.

By: Kloustr Labs

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